This journey has its beginning and end but the precise route between the two points is to be decided by the people I meet on the way. 

Here are some of the main themes - and typical stereotypes that I will be focusing on during the expedition:


Social enterprises

Have you also heard that myth that ‘’Africans are lazy?’’ Small social businesses are usually started by amazingly creative and hard-working people who can think out of the box to create cheap and easy solutions to local challenges. We would love to speak to them and if possible help them to promote their products in a fair trade manner.


Many people think that ‘’Africans are uneducated’’.Education levels varies greatly not only among all 50+ countries in Africa but also within each country. We would like to visit some of the educational institutions and learn more about the progress and challenges faced.


Same Same but Different - that’s how we would define current fast-changing fashion trends. We believe there is enormous amount of qualified experts in fashion across various African countries with very diverse and new ideas! Follow us to discover them!


Do you think there is something like ‘African music’? There is definitely more to it than just drums, dance and fire! Stay tuned with us to listen to some Nigerian Pop, Ghanian DnB or some very new and original music tunes!


Many of the fitness excercise in the West nowadays originates from traditional or modern dance that comes from one of the African countries. We will join some workshops and teach you some really authentic moves!

Everyday activities

Every day we will also try to do some normal daily routine-like activities. This is to show you how is each country different from each other, but also how are some of them similar to the West. Having a coffee break? Grabbing a pint? Being late for a bus? Let’s see how those compare to your expectations!